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“Golden State Killer Suspect Arrest Opens Floodgates for Law Enforcement Use of DNA Websites”
Steve Horn, Criminal Legal News, May 31, 2018

The use of DNA-based genealogy websites to track down the “Golden State Killer” suspect, Joseph DeAngelo, appears to have inspired police departments nationwide. It's a move that has irked privacy advocates and criminal justice system reformers. …

Most criminal law experts say those who hand over their DNA to websites like GEDmatch have no expectation of privacy under the Fourth Amendment. … Whether that same legal logic applies to their extended relatives, though, will remain an open question as the Golden State Killer's case weaves its way through the courts.

“Why the Golden State Killer Investigation Is Cause for Concern”
Vera Eidelman, Free Future, American Civil Liberties Union, May 11, 2018

We should be able to access the benefits of technological advances without giving up our rights.

Coming next year: Amazon applies machine learning to DNA databases to infer users' purchasing preferences and tendency to comparison-shop, enabling differential pricing for persons whose relatives' genetic constitution shows that they are indifferent to overpaying.

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