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Many years ago, the Church of Scientology created a one-act play featuring a conversation between an intrepid newspaper reporter and a disgruntled ex-Scientologist. The character of the ex-Scientologist was based on a real person, who had written a debunking paper that the church wished to discredit. The intrepid newspaper reporter was Lois Lane of the Daily Planet, and the play also features her co-workers Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen.

An agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation obtained a draft of this play and added it to the FBI's extensive collection of documents relating to Scientology. Last year, an investigative journalist submitted a request for those documents to the FBI under the Freedom of Information Act, and the FBI has gradually released a few of them, including the drama.

The FBI redacted the names of Lois Lane and Clark Kent, citing privacy concerns.

“The FBI Redacted the Names of DC Comic Book Characters to Protect Their Non-Existent Privacy”
Dell Cameron, Gizmodo, April 30, 2018

“Kryptonians are entitled to just as much privacy as other Americans.”

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