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IEEE Recommends Strong Encryption without Backdoors


The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers has issued a straightforward statement endorsing the use of strong encryption both by governments and by individuals and opposing requirements to insert backdoors into software packages that implement strong encryption.

“In Support of Strong Encryption”
IEEE Board of Directors, IEEE, June 24, 2018

Exceptional access mechanisms would create risks by allowing malicious actors to exploit weakened systems or embedded vulnerabilities for nefarious purposes. Knowing that exceptional access mechanisms exist would allow malicious actors to focus on finding and exploiting them. Centralized key escrow schemes would create the risk that an adversary would have an opportunity to compromise security of all participants, including those who were not specifically targeted. …

Efforts to constrain strong encryption or introduce key escrow schemes into consumer products can have long-term negative effects on the privacy, security, and civil liberties of the citizens so regulated. Encryption is used worldwide, and not all countries or institutions would honour the policy-based protections that exceptional access mechanisms would require. A purpose that one country might consider lawful and in its national interest could be considered by other countries to be illegal or in conflict with their standards and interests.

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