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Our War in Yemen


“America Is Committing War Crimes and Doesn't Even Know Why”
Micah Zenko, Foreign Policy, August 15, 2018

The military commander responsible for overseeing the provision of support for a new air war in the Middle East did not know what the goals of the intervention were, or how he could evaluate whether it was successful. The United States had become a willing co-combatant in a war without any direction or clear end state.

Two inevitable results have followed. First, there have been a litany of war crimes of the sort perpetrated last weekend, in which Saudi planes, using American munitions, bombed a school bus killing dozens of Yemeni schoolchildren. Second, the U.S. government has responded to those crimes with silences that might seem chastened, but in truth must be classified as defiant, given the bureaucratic maneuvering undertaken to obscure the United States' unthinking complicity both to outsiders and to itself.

In some ways, I suppose that it's better for such war crimes to be completely unmotivated and unintelligible acts of random psychosis than to have American politicians pretend to be protecting the homeland from terrorists.

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Senate Fails to Invoke War Powers Act to Stop War in Yemen


Forty-five Republicans and ten Democrats. *Sigh.* The Democrats were Coons of Delaware, Cortez Masto of Nevada, Donnelly of Indiana, Heitkamp of North Dakota, Jones of Alabama (*sigh*), Manchin of West Virginia, Menendez of New Jersey, Nelson of Florida, Reed of Rhode Island, and Whitehouse of Rhode Island.

“15 Years after the Invasion of Iraq, Here Are the Dems Who Just Voted for Endless War in Yemen”
Sarah Lazare, In These Times, March 20, 2018

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