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Microsoft Acquires GitHub


How sad. Many of my students and colleagues liked GitHub and relied on it extensively. Ah, well: Tout passe, tout lasse, tout casse.

“Buying GitHub Would Take Microsoft Back to Its Roots”
Dina Bass and Eric Newcomer, Bloomberg, June 4, 2018

The software maker has agreed to acquire GitHub, the code-repository company popular with many software developers, and could announce the deal as soon as Monday, according to people familiar with the matter.

“What Is Wrong with Microsoft Buying GitHub”
Jacques Mattheij, June 4, 2018

Many open source contributors consider GitHub too big to fail. …

Some concrete examples of the things Microsoft have done:

• Abuse of their de facto monopoly position to squash competition, including abuse of the DD process to gain insight into a competitor's software

• Bankrolling the SCO Lawsuit that ran for many years in order to harm Linux in the marketplace

• Abuse of their monopoly position to unfairly compete with other browser vendors, including Netscape

• Subverting open standards with a policy of Embrace, Extend, Extinguish

• The recent Windows 10 Telemetry abuse

• The acquisition of Skype, after which all the peer-to-peer traffic was routed through Microsoft, essentially allowing them to snoop on the conversations. …

• Unfair advantage over competitors by using internal APIs for applications unavailable for competing products

• Tied-sales and bundling

• Abuse of Patents

The list is endless. So, this is the company that you want to trust with becoming the steward of a very large chunk of the open source world? Not me. And for all you closed source customers of GitHub, do you really want the company that abused a due-diligence process faking an acquisition interest to have the inside scoop on your code?

The principals weigh in:

“Microsoft to Acquire GitHub for $7.5 Billion”
Microsoft News Center, June 4, 2018

“A Bright Future for GitHub”
“defunkt”, The GitHub Blog, June 4, 2018

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