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Another Escalation in the War over Control of the Browser


Most Internet users long ago surrendered control of their devices through their Web browsers, way back in the era when the common offenses were dropping cookies on the disk, providing ActiveX controls, and using BLINK and MARQUEE tags. Nowadays we just allow Web servers to do whatever they hell they want with our devices. We try to ignore the advertising and clean up the malware and ransomware installations afterwards, as best we can.

However, a substantial number of holdouts still run ad blockers that constrain the malicious activities of Web providers, or more usually the ad-network operators that pay them for access. Recently, ad blockers have tried to prevent the execution of scripts for mining cryptocurrency by blacklisting the domains of known offenders. But now the miners are dynamically coining domain names from which to download the ads containing the mining scripts.

NoScript could still protect us, though. If we were interested.

“Who Is Stealing My Power III: An Adnetwork Company Case Study”
Zhang Zaifeng, Netlab 360, February 24, 2018

“Ad Network Circumvents Blockers to Hijack Browsers for Cryptocurrency Mining”
Charlie Osborne, Zero Day, March 2, 2018

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