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The Nature of the Computer and the Nature of the Internet


“Ten Years Later, Cory Doctorow's Little Brother Remains Inevitable”
Cory Doctorow,, April 26, 2018

We only know how to make one computer (the computer that runs every program) and one internet (the internet that carries any data), and we specifically don't know how to make computers that can run all the programs except for the one that freaks you out … and we don't know how to make an internet that carries all messages except the ones you don't like. …

This is a reality that policymakers, law-enforcement, and the general public [have] spectacularly failed to come to grips with. …

Computers create real problems: harassment, commercial surveillance, state surveillance, corporate malfeasance, malware attacks on embedded systems, and casino tricks to “maximize engagement” at the expense of pleasure and satisfaction. … We can't solve those problems by engaging with computers as we want them to be — only by engaging with them as they truly are.

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