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A great new way to use Facebook!

Benjamin Grosser, September 19, 2018

Safebook is a browser extension, for Chrome or Firefox, that suppresses all text, images, video, and audio content on the Facebook site, leaving intact the borders around and between panels, the (now blank) menus, drop-down submenus, pop-up windows, and other navigation elements.

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Basic Literacy and the Resistance


“Nation Stunned That There Is Someone in the White House Capable of Writing an Editorial”
Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker, September 5, 2018

Millions of Americans were startled by the revelation on Wednesday afternoon that there was someone working in the White House capable of writing an entire editorial, reports indicate. …

Davis Logsdon, a professor of linguistics at the University of Minnesota, said that a team of language experts under his supervision has studied the Op-Ed word by word and is “in a state of disbelief” that someone currently working for Donald J. Trump could have written it.

“There are complete sentences, there are well-structured paragraphs, there is subject-verb agreement,” he said. “This does not appear to be the work of any White House staffer we're familiar with.”

#linguistics #humor #trump-resistance

How Graphical Programming Languages Look to Me


“IDEA — Nonverbal Algorithm Assembly Instructions”
Sándor P. Fekete, Sebastian Moor, and Sebastian Stiller, IDEA, May 24, 2018

#algorithms #programming-languages #humor

Professionals Depicted by Models


Stock photos of models portraying professionals reflect the stereotypes, misconceptions, or, um, imaginative design concepts of art directors.

“People Are Sharing Hilariously Bad Stock Photos of Their Jobs”
“Ilona”, BoredPanda, May 15, 2018

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Many years ago, the Church of Scientology created a one-act play featuring a conversation between an intrepid newspaper reporter and a disgruntled ex-Scientologist. The character of the ex-Scientologist was based on a real person, who had written a debunking paper that the church wished to discredit. The intrepid newspaper reporter was Lois Lane of the Daily Planet, and the play also features her co-workers Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen.

An agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation obtained a draft of this play and added it to the FBI's extensive collection of documents relating to Scientology. Last year, an investigative journalist submitted a request for those documents to the FBI under the Freedom of Information Act, and the FBI has gradually released a few of them, including the drama.

The FBI redacted the names of Lois Lane and Clark Kent, citing privacy concerns.

“The FBI Redacted the Names of DC Comic Book Characters to Protect Their Non-Existent Privacy”
Dell Cameron, Gizmodo, April 30, 2018

“Kryptonians are entitled to just as much privacy as other Americans.”

#Freedom-of-Information-Act #Federal-Bureau-of-Investigation #humor

The Dude Abides


“The Lebowski Theorem”
Joscha Bach, Twitter, April 14, 2018

The Lebowski Theorem: No superintelligent AI is going to bother with a task that is harder than hacking its own reward function.

#superintelligence #hacking #humor

The Global War on Terror Memorial


“‘Eternal Flaming Wheelbarrow Full of Cash’ Picked as Global War on Terror Memorial”
“Dirty”, The Duffel Blog, April 16, 2018

“Our veterans deserve a memorial that accurately captures the spirit of their war,” said Park Service spokesman Tim Taylor. “And I think we've really nailed it with this design.”

The approved design will incorporate elements of other famous memorials, most notably a gas-powered eternal flame similar to one at President John F. Kennedy's grave, in nearby Arlington National Cemetery. However, the GWOT memorial's eternal flame will burn piles of real U.S. currency to reflect the enormous expense of waging war against an abstract concept, and visiting dignitaries, instead of laying a wreath at the site, will be instructed to honor GWOT veterans by ceremoniously shoveling stacks of cash into the flames, officials said.

The tire of the wheelbarrow will be deflated, to reflect the American experience of becoming mired in an impossible position with no exit strategy or means of withdrawal. One handle of the wheelbarrow will be broken, to symbolize how unwieldy the campaign has been for the military leadership tasked with directing the war effort.

The wheelbarrow will also be adorned with a yellow ribbon bumper sticker, recalling the tremendous public support for the Global War on Terror, provided it didn't require any effort or personal sacrifice. …

The memorial, which will honor veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as veterans of U.S. intervention in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Algeria, and [Redacted], will be placed just outside the National Mall, where it will likely attract public attention only when necessary or convenient for political points.

#Global-War-on-Terror #war #humor

A Limerick Shocks When It Lastly Alludes to a Meme That Is Ghastly


“There Once Was a Singer of Old”
“worddevourer”, RNG+Decision Engine, January 2018

#memes #humor

A Bredlik Embedded in a Sonnet


“Poem: I Lik the Form”
O. Westin, Micro SF/F, March 21, 2018

#pushing-the-envelope #bredlik #humor

Extreme Data Compression in Decision Making


A fable about the use of Big Data in human institutions.

Carlos Bueno, December 2016

The fundamental strategy for dealing with large amounts of data was compression. Huge streams of numbers were converted by various clever tricks into streams tiny enough for humans to handle, who then decided what to do. If you really think about it … the entire purpose of data-driven decision-making is to compress ungodly infinitudes of numbers down to a single bit of decision: yes or no. …

The Hyperlogloglog was the size of a small housepet and was modeled on the human brain. It was capable of handling unlimited amounts of input data via the simple technique of immediately throwing it away.

#data-compression #artificial-intelligence #humor

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