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Social Graph for Hire


A corporate portrait of Palantir, which collects and mines data about people.

“Palantir Knows Everything about You”
Peter Waldman, Lizette Chapman, and Jordan Robertson, Bloomberg, April 19, 2018

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The Value of the Cartesian Square of the Social Graph


If you want to target advertising effectively or persecute people for their political views or social status, building the dossiers at the vertices of the social graph is only the beginning. You can make many more reliable inferences if you identify and label the edges of the graph and study not only your target nodes' neighbors, but also their neighbors' neighbors.

“Stanford Researchers Find That Friends of Friends Reveal Hidden Online Traits”
Tom Abate, Stanford News, April 5, 2018

Researchers who have studied social media relationships have found that we tend to friend people of roughly our own age, race and political belief. … These traits are easily and accurately inferred from friendship studies. …

But not all unknown traits are easy to predict using friend studies. Gender, for instance, exhibits what researchers call weak homophily in online contexts. …

The group's new research shows that it's possible to infer certain concealed traits — gender being the first — by studying the friends of our friends.

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