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Registering Acknowledges Terms of Service


We have now reached the point at which it is foolish to register at most corporate Web sites, not just because they will send spam to the e-mail address you provide, but also because registration implies acceptance of the site's terms of service.

“Registering for Things on the Internet Is Dangerous These Days”
Chris Siebenmann, Chris's Wiki, May 24, 2018

In the old days, terms of service were not all that dangerous and often existed only to cover the legal rears of the service you were registering with. Today, this is very much not the case … Most ToSes will have you agreeing that the service can mine as much data from you as possible and sell it to whoever it wants. Beyond that, many ToSes contain additional nasty provisions like forced arbitration, perpetual broad copyright licensing for whatever you let them get their hands on (including eg your profile picture), and so on. …

The corollary to this is that you should assume that anyone who requires registration before giving you access to things when this is not actively required by how their service works is trying to exploit you. For example, “register to see this report” should be at least a yellow and perhaps a red warning sign. My reaction is generally that I probably don't really need to read it after all.

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