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Inexorably Generic Style by Algorithm


What does “personal style” mean when the Echo Look gives you fashion advice, and can tell you what you like but not why you like it?

“Style Is an Algorithm”
Kyle Chayka, Racked, April 17, 2018

If you know the source of the suggestion, then you might give it a chance and see if it meshes with your tastes. In contrast, we know the machine doesn't care about us, nor does it have a cultivated taste of its own; it only wants us to engage with something it calculates we might like. This is boring. …

We can decide to become a little more analog. I imagine a future in which our clothes, music, film, art, books come with stickers like organic farmstand produce: Algorithm Free. …

“Echo” is a good name for Amazon's device because it creates an algorithmic feedback loop in which nothing original emerges.

Alexa, how do I look?

You look derivative, Kyle.

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