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Rewarding an Unrepentant Torturer


“As If Nuremberg Never Happened”
Peter van Buren, The American Conservative, March 19, 2018

Nothing will say more about who we are, across three American administrations — one that demanded torture, one that covered it up, and one that seeks to promote its bloody participants — than whether Gina Haspel becomes director of the CIA. …

Gina Haspel is now eligible for the CIA directorship because Barack Obama did not prosecute anyone for torture; he merely signed an executive order banning it in the future. He did not hold any truth commissions, and ensured that almost all government documents on the torture program remain classified. He did not prosecute the CIA officials who destroyed videotapes of the torture scenes. …

Unless Congress awakens to confront this nightmare and deny Gina Haspel's nomination as director of the CIA, torture will have transformed us and so it will consume us. Gina Haspel is a torturer. We are torturers. It is as if Nuremberg never happened.

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