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Google and Mastercard: A Belated Confirmation


I've been assuming that deals of this kind are commonplace, but it's unusual to see one acknowledged publicly.

“Google and Mastercard Cut a Secret Ad Deal to Track Retail Sales”
Mark Bergen and Jennifer Surane, Bloomberg, August 30, 2018

For the past year, select Google advertisers have had access to a potent new tool to track whether the ads they ran online led to a sale at a physical store in the U.S. That insight came thanks in part to a stockpile of Mastercard transactions that Google paid for.

But most of the two billion Mastercard holders aren't aware of this behind-the-scenes tracking. That's because the companies never told the public about the arrangement. …

It works like this: a person searches for “red lipstick” on Google, clicks on an ad, surfs the web but doesn't buy anything. Later, she walks into a store and buys red lipstick with her Mastercard. The advertiser who ran the ad is fed a report from Google, listing the sale along with other transactions in a column that reads “Offline Revenue” — only if the web surfer is logged into a Google account online and made the purchase within 30 days of clicking the ad. The advertisers are given a bulk report with the percentage of shoppers who clicked or viewed an ad [and] then made a relevant purchase.

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Once Surveillance Is Possible, It Becomes Necessary


It seems that children have to be watched particularly closely, since there's something about schooling that brings out their tendency to commit violent crimes. The article deals primarily with developments in India but also links to stories about new surveillance programs in China, Japan, and Dubai.

“India Will Install Cameras in Classrooms amid a Rise of Surveillance Measures in Asia”
Rosie Perper, Business Insider, January 21, 2018

In addition to the proliferation of cameras, the article mentions two programs in which radio-frequency identification tags are attached to children so that they can be continuously tracked and various biometric surveillance tools.

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